15 | Vinhos (The “Other” Wine Game)

Having a podcast called “Cardboard and Wine”, we often get asked when we are going to review Viticulture. Well, not this week (that’s next week’s show), but instead we take a deep dive into the “other” wine-themed game (that actually came first), Vinhos by Vital Lacerda. Like a fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Vinhos is beautifully complex, with lots to consider. Vinhos presents a heavier engine-building, action selection, european-style, strategy game about making wine. Color us intrigued. There’s so much to say about Vinhos, so let’s jump right in.

To stick with the theme of becoming a Portuguese wine magnate, we popped a bottle of Broadbent Vinho Verde from Portugal!

In addition, we discuss some recent memorable gaming moments with The Mind and Dominant Species.

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