8 | Gaia Project (A Game of Currencies)

Terra Mystica in space! Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on how you feel about Terra Mystica or whether you’ve played it at all. It is tempting to avoid comparison altogether, though the designers have gone so far as to subtitle Gaia Project, “A Terra Mystica Game”. Which actually begs the question – will there be MORE Terra Mystica games? Terra Mystica under the sea? Terra Mystica on Mars? Back to the subject at hand, there’s no denying that Gaia Project is a meaty, complex Euro-style game, but will it join its spiritual successor as a board game classic? On this week’s show, we give our thoughts on Gaia Project. Enjoy!

Also, as promised, here’s Josh’s Gaia Project storage solution using a Plano Stowaway 2-3601 utility box!

Plano storage solution for Gaia Project

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