3 | Lost Cities (Handshakes and Shuffling Bliss)

Way back in 2006, we placed our first board game order. Yesterday we received another game order in the mail, and we still get just as excited twelve years later to cut the shrink wrap off and punch out brand news games as we did way back when! In that very first game order was Lost Cities, a two player card game that we’ve played many times over the years.

Friends who know we are board gamers will often ask for game recommendations, and this is one that is always on the list – especially for couples. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it provides plenty of interesting and tense decisions. Oh, and those cards shuffle soooo nicely!

In this episode, we discuss fitting games into busy work schedules, gaming with kids, and red wine blends, all leading up to our in-depth review of Lost Cities!

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