6 | Azul (The Literal Tile-Laying Game)

Are you an attention seeker? Then setup a game of Azul in your local coffee shop and see what happens. This game is gorgeous on whatever table you prefer to play on. The tiles, the boards, even the bag. But beautiful components a good game does not make. Is Azul a quality GAME? On this episode, we discuss the 2017 tile-laying game about laying tile, Azul!

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1 | Sagrada (Fun with Grozing Pliers)

It’s not every day that we’re drawn to a game JUST because of how it looks on the table, but Sagrada was one of those games. The dice and player boards are stunning, but does the gameplay live up to the flashy components? We discuss, this week on the show!

The star of the show are those beautiful player boards and dice.

The player boards clearly draw direct inspiration from actual stained glass from the Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain is the oldest, unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world. The life’s work of Antoni Gaudí, it is truly a breathtaking blending of gothic architecture and intricate stained glass.

Sagrada captures the theme of stained glass making in a fun, compact, satisfying experience. Check it out and let us know what you think about Sagrada!

Also on this week’s show, we ruminate on a recent escape-room-in-a-box fail with Unlock! Squeek and Sausage.

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