Top Games We Discovered in 2017!

5 | Top Five Games We Discovered in 2017 (Actually, Top 6!)

It’s our first Listicle™ episode! Last year was a formative year of gaming for us; we played loads of new games and filled in our collection from the gaming gap brought on by graduate school and having babies. Even though it’s already April, we discuss our favorite “new to us” board games of 2017. It was hard to choose!


Mamie’s Top 6
6) Resistance: Avalon
5) Kingdomino
4) Modern Art
3) Isle of Skye
2) Scythe
1) Dixit

Josh’s Top 6
6) Kingdomino
5) Galaxy Trucker
4) Battle Line
3) Modern Art
2) Castles of Burgundy
1) Splotter Games
(Food Chain Magnate, Indonesia, Great Zimbabwe)

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