4 | Gloomhaven (Adventures in Plano Boxes)

It’s Gloomhaven. What more can be said about the 7th Wonder of the World… or at least the 7th game ever to hit #1 on Board Game Geek? Well, we’ll take a half hour or so and see what we can add to the conversation. There are many things to enjoy about Gloomhaven: the extensively creative scenario book, the HUGE pile of monsters, the giant box that miraculously fits within an Ikea Kallax shelf space!

But does it live up to the HYPE? Does it live up to the $150 price tag? Is it suitable for… date night? On this week’s episode of Cardboard and Wine, we will discuss all this and more. If it’s any indication, Gloomhaven inspired us to paint our first minis. Gamer nerd achievement unlocked!

We also enjoy a nice affordable Malbec while giving our first thoughts on Gaia Project, playing Fiery Dragons and Ticket to Ride First Journey with the kiddos, and running a Werewolf game on Twitter!

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