11 | NMBR 9 (THS GM S FN)

The best way to highlight how we feel about NMBR 9 is we decided to buy it about halfway through our first play with a friend’s copy. At least two other friends we have introduced it to have also gone out and purchased their own. So I guess don’t listen to this episode if you’re in the middle of a board game buying moratorium. But seriously, it’s easy to see what’s so appealing about NMBR 9 – it’s a fun puzzle with rules that can be explained in one minute and a play time of around 10 minutes. If you like Tetris, you’ll love this game. If you don’t like Tetris, you’ll still probably like this game. And even if you don’t… 10 minutes.

Also in this episode, we drink a tasty “big, bold Cabernet” (finally) and discuss some recent plays including Keyflower, Agricola, and Downforce.

Lastly, we’re heading to Dice Tower Con! If you’re there, look us up… we’d love to meet you and maybe play a game.

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